Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy a MirrorMate® frame instead of a complete framed mirror?

A: MirrorMate® frames are less expensive than most new framed mirrors and they don’t require that you remove your existing mirror. This is especially good news if your existing mirrors are glued to the wall. Avoid the time, potential damage of removing your mirrors, and the cost of a whole new framed mirror with the 20 Minute Mirror Makeover™ -- a MirrorMate frame. If you are installing new mirror, MirrorMate instantly elevates the look and value of the whole bath and is more cost-effective than building your own frames.  MirrorMate® frames are easy to install requiring no special tools or skills.  They work with any rectangular-shaped mirror and are available in a variety of styles to fit any décor.

Q: How do I care for my MirrorMate® frame?

A: MirrorMate® frames are a high-quality product made by American manufacturers with excellent reputations. These products have been used in the hotel industry for over ten years, so you can trust the quality and durability.. Please care for them as you would care for a piece of fine furniture:

  • Dust frames with soft cloth or feather duster.
  • Clean with soft, water-dampened cloth only, using a light touch. Wipe dry gently.

Do not use any glass cleaner or other solvent on the frames. Should a cleaner or solvent come in contact with frame, wipe off immediately with damp cloth. If left on frame, solvent may damage finish.

Q: What if my mirror rests on a backsplash?

A: Many plate glass bathroom mirrors do rest on the backsplash. Simply note this when ordering and we will take that into account when cutting your frame.

MirrorMate® cannot be held liable in this case.

Q: Will the frames work for me if there is no clearance around my mirror? Or, if my mirror sits on the backsplash?

A: Yes.  MirrorMate® frames are designed to work with every plate mirror, whether or not there is clearance around it.

Q: Can you see the mirror edge underneath the frame?

A:  Where there is clearance we extend the frame on that side up to 5/8 inch so the edge of the mirror cannot be seen from the side. Your mirror will look as if you had it custom-framed and hung.

Q:  What is the difference between channels and clips?

A:  A channel is a j-shaped piece of metal that usually runs the width of the mirror on the bottom or the entire circumference of a mirror.  Clips come in a variety of styles.  You will usually find 2-3 clips on the top and bottom of your mirror.  Occasionally they will be on the side.  MirrorMate® frames are designed with a unique patented recess that go right over clips no matter where they are located.

Q:  How do I know if I need replacement clips?

A:  If you have clips that are of clear plastic it is likely that you will need smaller ones.  We are happy to include these free with your order. If you do require replacement clips, the order form has a place to indicate how many.

Q:  Can we remove the frame from the mirror if we would like to remodel?

A:  Yes. If the frame must come off we recommend using dental floss to separate the foam tape from the mirror. We suggest you use Goof-Off, or a citrus-based cleaner to remove the rest of tape from the surface of the mirror.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee that your frame willbe usable should you remove it.

Q:  Will MirrorMate® frames work on beveled mirrors?

A:  Yes, but your bevel must be less than 1" wide. We also recommend selecting a frame that is 3” wide or more for beveled mirrors. If you are still uncertain, feel free to give us a call. Please let us know if your mirrors are beveled so we can address your specific needs.